Useful Hints on the Research Paper Introduction Format

The research paper introduction format can be different depending on the type of project that you are doing, but for the most part there are some similarities. Hopefully, this article will shed some light on how to get the research paper format introduction correct so that you do not have to worry about it anymore.

What to include

Understand what must be included in the introduction will be pivotal to your success, so take the following points into consideration:

  • Thesis statement: this is basically a sentence or two long, and the main goal is to share with the audience what problem the project is trying to tackle. Of course this should be evident by reading the title of the project, but by also reading the thesis statement a more depth understanding of the goal can be achieved. If the statement is not self-explanatory then it makes sense to share the details with the reader.
  • Background info: another golden rule of introduction writing is to include some background info that is able to set the scene for the various people who are going to be reading the work. Perhaps there is some info that got you enthusiastic about the topic in the first place and sharing that would be ideal. Also you need to understand that you shouldn’t include too much info, but just enough to set the scene for the reader.
  • Technical terms: if there are specific technical terms that you’ll be using throughout the introduction then why not include them in the introduction. For a person that is not familiar with the topic you are doing they might struggle to understand the technical terms and that in turn means getting to grips with the project can be hard.

Keep it short

You have to understand that the point of the introduction is to keep things short so that you can be happy about providing the majority of the info in the body of the work. It would be unwise to place a lot of info in the introduction and then to simply repeat it again the body of the work. Check here for even more info so that you can get a better grade than ever before.