Is research paper an essay: a helpful overview

A research paper can be compared to an essay in some respects but in other it is not. Perhaps if you can understand the relationship between the two then your ability to write them will drastically improve. It is not that hard to understand the similarities and differences between the two projects so do make sure that you read on to figure out the difference.

The similarities

Both a research paper and an essay must have a sense of structure. Like in a book there has to be an introduction, a middle and a conclusion. Both might even have a thesis statement that explains to the examiner and any other reader what you project is all about. You need to understand that the thesis statement is something that should be precise and to the point. So a sentence or two at the most is enough.
To get an even deeper understanding about the similarities of the two type of projects perhaps you could download both and compare them. You’ll see that if you are really good at one type of project then perhaps you will also excel at the other type.

The differences

Some of the main differences between the two I that the research paper will be a lot larger in scope and there will be a lot more info gathering that need to take place. You have to understand that for some type of projects the majority of the work is all about the info that you are able to acquire. The higher the quality of your info the better equipped you’ll be to create the kind of work that can make the difference to the end result.
Since the essay is smaller in scope it will take a lot quicker to complete. When setting the right amount of time aside to get the work done you have to stick to the timetable. Do not make the mistakes of not allocating your time correctly when it comes to homework. That’s because getting it wrong can cause you to miss deadlines.